Workshop Assistant

March 12, 2019 3 min read

We are a new aquarium store in San Jose. We have a workshop just getting set up for us to build our own cabinets and other equipment. We have an active online store and are shipping items out every day. We have an aquarium tech team that does maintenance and installations all over the bay area. There’s a lot going on and lots of work left to do until our store is finished.

We’re looking for an able-bodied person who can add some muscle and workmanship to our small team. We need an all-rounder who can take on a wide variety of tasks without flinching. This includes assisting in the workshop with cutting wood and assembling cabinets, in the warehouse with shipping and receiving, in the store with basic handiwork and cleaning, in the office with computer data entry, on service jobs with aquarium installations and moves, and more. One day we might need a set of shelves built, another day 100 little cards cut out and stapled. Flexibility will be key in the first several months. A willingness to learn is not enough - candidates need to be able to figure things out, self-teach, notice what’s needed, and get the job done.

Over time, we expect the random tasks will become less frequent, and the role will start to weigh more heavily on the workshop side of things. We’re getting more and more requests for aquarium cabinetry, and we need someone who - after training - can build a cabinet efficiently and with a high degree of craftsmanship. We’re looking for someone who can take ownership of the workshop, help get it set up and fully functioning, and keep it organized. The right person will already know their way around a basic workshop and have experience with power tools. The right person will be excited to work in such an environment and take pride in the finished products that they help build.

A workshop manager role will be available in the not-too-distant future, and someone with their mind set on that would be ideal, as long as they’re not afraid to do the dirty work as needed. Since we’re an aquarium business, experience with or an interest in aquariums is a huge plus and will move you to the top of the list. Please send us pictures of your aquarium if you have one.

Schedule can be part to full time. Depending on your availability and the workload, anywhere from 6-8 hours on 4-6 days per week is possible. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are our core working days. Tuesday and Saturday are more optional, and Sunday not much happens. Our store is open 11am-7pm, so we will need you to work within those hours at first, with the possibility of flexing those times later as you become more autonomous. For the perfect candidate, we can be flexible with scheduling.

Pay rate starts at $15/hour for an initial probationary period (usually 3-6 months) while all parties decide if there’s a good match, after which point a pay raise can be negotiated.

To apply, please follow the directions in this paragraph to a tee. Being able to read and follow directions thoroughly is critical to the role so we won’t be replying to anyone who can’t demonstrate this in their application. Please email with your current resume and a short write-up of why you think you’d be a good fit for the role. Please include your aspirations and how this role would help you achieve them. Please mention any power tools you have experience with, and list a few examples of recent building or handiwork jobs you’ve done. Please also mention your current availability and when you’d be able to start.

Thank you.

-Aqua Lab Team

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