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Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly'


This aquatic plant is a mini version of Rotala Macrandra.

It is an outstanding, beautiful aquarium plant that requires great care and attention. It requires high lighting to develop its beautiful red color. A constant inflow of CO2 and soft water are also vital to ensure reasonable growth. This plant achieves its most beautiful state when in groups, however, do not plant individual tissues too close because this will prevent light from reaching the lower leaves. To ensure a strong coloration for this plant there must be sufficient micro-nutrients in the water.  

Name Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly'
Structure Stem
Difficulty Advanced
Light Demand High Light
CO2 Demand CO2 Required
Growth Rate Moderate Growth
Placement Background
Height (in) 4-12+
Color Red

Tissue culture plants are grown in-vitro (literally: in the glass) in a nutrient-rich synthetic growing medium, either liquid or gel, without the presence of any other lifeforms. This guarantees a pest and disease-free specimen, while also providing accuracy throughout the trade.

Loose cuttings are harvested from our aquariums at Aqua Lab. While we try our best to remove snails, we can't guarantee that these plants will be pest or disease-free. It's common for tiny snails or microscopic snail eggs to hitchhike on plants that come from an established aquarium. A single portion of cuttings can vary and depends on the species, but generally, it's about a handful. For stem plants, this is typically a bunch of several stems that are approx. 6"+ in length. If the stems do not have roots, simply plant them and roots will sprout in time. For crown plants like Crypts, it will be a single established plant with roots. For rhizome plants like Anubias, Java Fern, and Bucephelandra, a portion is usually one segment of rhizome with several leaves and roots coming off of it. Please keep in mind that plant and portion sizes can vary as our plants grow and propagate.

Tissue culture plants should be removed from the cup as soon as possible. All plants grow on some sort of synthetic growing medium, ranging anywhere from liquid to jelly to firm gel. This should be removed and rinsed off. Gently massage the roots between your fingers until the gel dissolves away. Most plants can be broken up into smaller pieces and spread out in your aquarium. Smaller pieces are easier to plant.

We only ship livestock Monday to Wednesday to avoid weekend delays. Please keep in mind the availability of plants can change quickly as they come in and out of our possession or deteriorate in health, so there could be a delay updating the published availability. We will be in touch if the species you order is not available and you will always have the option to wait or take a substitute or refund. We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver healthy plants to you.    
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    Harvey W.
    United States

    You didn't have the mini but sent the reg Macrandra which ihas been doing exceptionally well.. Thanks a Lot.. Let me know when you get the mini..

    Aqua Lab Aquaria Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly' ReviewAqua Lab Aquaria Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly' Review

    Customer Reviews

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