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PE Frozen Mysis & Calanus Cubes Twin Pack - Piscine Energetics


Using PE's pioneering approach to harvesting the zooplankton, PE® Mysis Shrimp ensures that the food is unrivaled in flavor and nutrition.

Calanus are a copepod zooplankton and are harvested and processed in the same proprietary fashion as PE Mysis Shrimp. Their brilliantly distinctive orange coloration is the result of uniquely high levels of astaxanthin, other carotenoid pigments and fatty acids. PE-Calanus is a popular frozen fish food choice for fresh water and salt water fish owners and curators as well as for their corals and other filter feeding creatures.

35 Mysis cubes (4 oz) + 35 Calanus cubes (4 oz)  = 70 individually wrapped cubes

*All frozen or refrigerated foods require insulated packaging and expedited shipping to ensure safe arrival, which costs $35. Please make sure the item "Frozen Handling" is added to your cart to have this item shipped to you.

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