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ALA - Aqua Lab Aquaria

High-Tech Planted Equipment Bundle 18-24"

This kit comes with a canister filter, glass pipe set, in-line heater, controllable LED, CO2 kit, and substrate. When purchased together with an aquarium, we will also include a complimentary $100 ALA Gift Card to use for hardscape and plants. 

Suitable for rimless aquariums up to 17 gallons with a 45-60cm (18"-24") length. If your aquarium isn't rimless, let us know so we can modify your kit accordingly.

Filter XB-303 Nano Canister Filter - Shiruba
Filter Pipes Mini Glass Canister Filter Pipes Inflow & Outflow
Tubing 6 ft. of 1/2'' Inner Diameter Clear SuperFlex Tubing - ALA
Heater 200W 1/2 in (12 mm) External In-Line Heater - Hydor
CO2 Regulator CO2 Regulator PRO Dual Stage - Archaea
CO2 Bottle 2.5 LB (Empty) CO2 Bottles/Cylinders, CGA 320 - ALA
CO2 Accessories Check valve, 6 ft. clear tubing, glass diffuser, glass drop checker, glass U-tube
Controllable & Programmable LED E-45 Full Spectrum LED Strip - Ecoxotic
Aquasoil Black 10L Controsoil Fine - UNS

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