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Twist-In Deionization Filter Cartridge - AquaticLife

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Replacement Deionization Cartridge for AquaticLife DI Filter.

STAGE 4 – TWIST-IN MIXED BED COLOR CHANGING RESIN DEIONIZATION CARTRIDGE. After water passes through a reverse osmosis filter, there is usually a small amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) left in the water. In certain non-drinking water applications, it is important to remove the remaining TDS from the water. This is accomplished by filtering the water through a resin that is charged with Cations and Anions (H+ and OH-), thus absorbing the TDS by deionization. The twist-in media cartridge design makes filter changes simple, easy and clean – no tools required and no mess! The twist-in cartridges can be easily changed in only seconds with just a quarter turn and without contact with used filter material.  It is important the cartridges are installed post membrane filter to prolong the life of the Deionization (DI) cartridge.

Working Pressure: Minimum 35 PSI, Maximum 80 PSI, Ideal 65 PSI.


Replace when the resin color changes completely.

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