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ADA - Aqua Design Amano

Wabi-Kusa Wall 60 - ADA

Optional accessory product to arrange Wabi-Kusas and other aquatic plants on an upright surface, using provided Wabi-Kusa Mat (12 pcs).  Explore new styles and approaches for planted aquarium.


*Includes: Main unit, Wabi-Kusa Mat x 12, TERRA INFLOW PIPE, Suction Cup Clip (Ø 13)
*Compatible with W60 cm tank (glass thickness 5 - 6 mm)
*Outlet / Inlet: Ø 10 / Ø 13 
*Recommended Filter: Super Jet Filter ES -150 (3.5 ℓ / min) 
*Wabi-Kusa (9 Ø) can be installed besides Wabi-Kusa Mats
*The use of ADA MOSS COTTON (optional) is recommended to attach aquatic plants to Wabi-Kusa Mat.

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