Aquarium Service Manager

October 08, 2019 3 min read

Aquarium Service Manager (part or full time, 25-40 hours per week)

The service manager oversees our aquarium servicing program, in which our aquarium technicians go to client-owned residential and commercial aquariums to perform routine maintenance and cleaning. Core working times are weekday mornings, with the option to extend to afternoons or weekends for those who want a full 40-hour schedule. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Oversee a small team of service technicians to ensure all jobs are completed each day
  • Act as the first point of contact for service-related inquiries (phone and email)
  • Communicate with clients, book and schedule new clients, manage client expectations
  • Coordinate the service calendar based on client and staff availability
  • Track billable hours, invoice clients and follow up if necessary to ensure payments are collected on-time
  • Ensure technician compliance with procedures
  • Conduct aquarium maintenance
  • Collaborate with other managers and clients and make decisions to ensure the good health of aquariums
  • Assist with daily aquarium operations and in-store husbandry: testing water chemistry, water changes, tank maintenance, feeding, dosing, equipment installation/maintenance, mixing stock solutions
  • Assist retail customers by answering questions, providing guidance, bagging livestock, and processing payment

Aqua Lab Aquaria is a newly-formed aquarium designer, retailer, and service provider in San Jose. The operation is still very small, but being investor-backed there are ambitious growth plans. As a quickly growing start-up, we are figuring out many things as we go, so there are opportunities to really shape the way our company works. A willingness to learn, experiment, and fail is critical as we work through growing pains and expand the business together. A good degree of flexibility is required as the responsibilities of the role continuously redefine themselves. Team members are often required to wear many hats and are expected to collaborate with other team members on various objectives including sales, customer service, inventory management, data entry, and other tasks.

There is huge potential for a long and rewarding career in a high-level position for the right candidate, who will have their sights set on a managerial/ownership role. We’re looking for someone who will hit the ground running and become fully immersed in the role with a desire to move up and take on more responsibilities.


  • Experience keeping healthy aquariums professionally or as a hobby
  • Unbridled passion for all aquatic lifeforms and the desire to expand your breadth of skills and knowledge
  • Initiative and motivation to suggest & implement improvements rather than go with the flow
  • Ability to work independently, communicate effectively, and conduct oneself professionally
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Confidence to adapt to and thrive in unfamiliar circumstances
  • Scientifically oriented and tendency to question, experiment, improve
  • Ability to lift and carry 75 pounds
  • Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle
  • Ownership of an internet-connected mobile device
  • Able to pass a background check
  • Previous managerial experience or project management experience is a plus
  • A background in life sciences, engineering, or design is preferred but not required

What Aqua Lab Aquaria has to offer:

  • Generous employee discount on aquariums, equipment, supplies, and livestock.
  • A dynamic and fast-paced work environment with opportunities for advancement.
  • Close contact with interesting and unusual marine and aquatic organisms.
  • Management invested in fostering your professional growth with on-the-job training for desired skills in husbandry, engineering, and design.

Rate of pay: starting at $15 per hour, increasing with experience & performance, plus bonuses for each service performed

Please apply by sending a resume and a carefully crafted cover letter, including your career aspirations and reasons why you would be a good candidate. Please send all applications and questions to with the subject “Service Manager”. Aquarium owners: please include pictures of your aquarium with your application and you will be moved to the top of the call-back list.

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