Cycling an Aquarium: Why It Matters and How to Do It

by ALA Team Staff 5 min read

Every new aquarium must be cycled - plain and simple.

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The Importance of Water Hardness in Freshwater Aquariums

by ALA Team Staff 4 min read

Water hardness refers to the dissolved mineral content of a given solution, and it’s one of the most important parameters of freshwater tanks.
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What Does It Mean to Clean an Aquarium? A Guide for Beginners.

by Kyle Robertson 3 min read

Follow this general cleaning guide for a healthy aquarium.
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Algae Remediation: Start Here

by Kyle Robertson 2 min read

Algae happens. And if it doesn’t, you’re lucky.  We like to say, there are two types of aquariums: those which have had algae, and those which have yet to have algae.
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