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Titanium Heater with Controller - Aquatop

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One of our best selling heaters.  We love titanium heaters because they look good, function well, and are durable.  Better yet, this one features a digital controller and independent thermometer probe for the best accuracy possible.  
  • Thermostat memory.  When the unit loses power, the thermostat setting is saved when power resumes.
  • Ultra tough titanium construct
  • Easy-to-read temperature indicator
  • Temperature range is 68F - 92F
  • Remote sensor for accurate temperatures
  • For fresh or saltwater systems
 Model Wattage Tank Volume Heater Length
TH-C100 100 W up to 35 gallons 6.5"
TH-C200 200 W up to 55 gallons 10.25"
TH-C300 300 W up to 100 gallons 11.5"
TH-C400 400 W up to 125 gallons 13.8"
TH-C500 500 W up to 150 gallons 15"

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