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Universaline Multi Tube Guide - ALA

Introducing the Universaline Aquarium Tubing System by Aqua Lab Aquaria.  The first ever universal aquarium tubing for all common and advanced applications. Works with glassware, barb/airline fittings, and 1/4" compression fittings.  Universaline, the only aquarium tubing you will ever need. Period.

Get a professional and organized look by using these Multi Tube Guides.  Perfect for dosing, aquaculture, or other situations where you're using multiple dosing or airline channels.

Universaline Multi Tube Guides can be mounted in two ways. Each Multi Tube Guide comes ready for mounting using standard screws or use the provide adhesive for quick placement.  Run up to 10 lines on a single guide, or snap them apart to get a custom size for any application.

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