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Investor Relations

Aqua Lab Investor Relations 

Aqua Lab is actively seeking partners to help with our continued growth.  We are hoping to bolster our current round of seed financing and we're looking to the Aqua Lab Nation to see if there may be anyone interested in contributing to our mission.  We are seeking both convertible notes and promissory notes from accredited investors who are passionate about aquaria/vivaria, science, and technology.


Aqua Lab isn't just a brick and mortar or e-commerce store.  Aqua Lab also isn't just a brand of high-end aquarium equipment.  


Aqua Lab is a revolutionary shift in aquarium distribution, merchandising, technology, and service.  We want to make it easy, fun, educational, and affordable to own and maintain vivaria for public and private enjoyment.  And more importantly, we want our business to contribute to the wellbeing of the natural resources that we use in the course of this hobby.  To accomplish this we have identified key areas that need drastic improvement within the ornamental aquatics and exotics industry.  For example, by sourcing directly and distributing cleverly, we can reduce middle men and gain efficiency in terms of time and resources spent, which is good for business, consumers, the planet, and most importantly, the animals in our care. 


Aqua Lab is about bringing each corner of this hobby and industry into one community, where good design, animal welfare, and an empirical knowledge base tie us together.  Just as freshwater must eventually meet the ocean, various aquatic disciplines must come together to create a sustainable system that will flourish.  For instance, by disseminating best practices and methods for success, we can address a lack of industry standards, helping to reduce fish mortality rates and enabling passionate aquarists to make a responsible living out of this incredible hobby.  


We believe every home and institution deserves a window into nature through the use of vivariums, plants, and other natural design elements. We aim to create a system where by bringing nature inside our homes, we are ensuring its vitality outside of them as well. 


We have a growing portfolio of intellectual property that includes both hardware and software.  One recent development was recently launched here on our site, take a look. We believe our unique view on this industry will open up a "blue ocean" of opportunity and we want the Aqua Lab Nation to share in our success!

Please contact us by email if you are interested in discussing this opportunity further.









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