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Lava Rock - ALA

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Price is per pound. A two pound stone measures approximately 6" x 4" x 4". 

Volcanic rock forms when lava cools. Lava Rock is very porous, featuring lots of tiny holes throughout its structure. This makes it very light and also excellent for mosses to grow on and some plants to root into (they will need tying to the rocks for some time before they attach by themselves). These stones are ideal for aquascaping and can be cut and broken apart with tools. 

Instructions: Please include notes with your order to let us know the approximate size or quantity of stones you want. We'll do our best to accommodate and contact you if there's any issues.

Cherry Picking Service ($25): We'll send you up to 5 photos (including a size reference) for you to select the exact pieces you want. Simply complete checkout with "Cherry Picking" added to your cart, and then we'll send you a separate invoice for the weight of your stones after you select them.