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Nano Nature Aquarium Kit, 5 GAL - ALA



We have for sale COMPLETE Nano Nature Aquarium kits which includes:

  • High Clarity Rimless 5 gallon Aquarium -- Ultra transparent, low-iron glass which delivers superior clarity.  Foam rubber tank mat included.
  • ALA NanoSlim filter -- The perfect nano filter in a slim form factor.  Simple.
  • Controllable, high-power, full spectrum LED light with built in controller and remote -- Suitable for growing any kind of aquatic plant and many types of coral. Has built-in controller for ramped dimming and programmable photoperiod. Remote can control up to 4 independent channels to tailor your lighting to the needs of your inhabitants.  
  • Designer magnet cleaner -- Quickly and easily remove algae from the glass without having to get your hands wet using this low-profile magnet cleaner.
  • 25W nano heater --  Compact size with external in-line controller.
  • Timeless Glass thermometer
  • 3L bag of ADA Amazonia Soil -- The premiere substrates for freshwater nature aquaria, this soil will provide your plants will all of the nutrients they need.  
  • Integrated cable routing system that makes all of your wiring easy to manage and out of sight.

This entire kit comes with everything you need to start your nano tank today, all you need to do is aquascape and add water!

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