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Black Perforated Aquarium Divider - Dexter's

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Dexter's Pet Products Divider: The Perfect Solution for separating your glass aquarium. Dexter's Dividers are Made in the USA, using only the highest quality materials. No matter the application they are easy to install; safe for both saltwater & freshwater aquarium.

Dexter's Dividers install without using tools or glue and are robust and designed to last. They can be installed in an empty aquarium or one that is full of water.

This Divider is the perfect application for Breeders, Beta Fish Keepers, DIY Sump/Refugium Builders, Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyists, Coral Reef Enthusiasts, Freshwater Hobbyists and many more.

Divider is perforated to allow water to flow through. If you house fish or a reef, the top bar that fits Dexter's Divider keeps the divider panel from bowing.

*This product includes a one year manufacturer's warranty covering manufacturer defects.

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