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1/2-Inch Hudson Fill Valve Kit - Aquascape Inc.

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Finally.... A compact, damage-proof automatic fill valve.  No bulky lever arm and ball.

The Hudson Valve is designed to maintain a constant level of water.  Once attached to your water source, it will turn the water on and off as needed.  This valve will take the place of daily hand watering and monitoring.  Hook it up and never worry about running low on water again!

The unique patented design of the Hudson Valve uses water pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve. This compact, self-contained design greatly enhances the valve’s versatility and reliability. The small compact size of the valve means that it is easy to hide in applications where aesthetics matter and it can fit into tight spaces.

The new universal Hudson Valve utilizes 21st-century materials and design technology to provide you with an even more durable product.  Now with an evolved float, filter and insert, the valve is more versatile and longer-lasting than ever.  The new materials allow the valve to work in water temperatures up to 175 degrees.

  • Installs in seconds
  • No float ball or lever arm
  • No exterior moving parts
  • Freezing won't damage it
  • Fills FAST
  • High volume
  • Indestructible
  • Anti-Siphon


Thread Female  1/2"
Height  5.0"
Diameter  3.0"
Operating Pressure 4 - 100 psi with a minimum of 8 gpm flow rate
Flow Rate approx. 80% of flow supplied to valve
Max Fluid Temp 175° F

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