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Aquarium Engineering

ACR Automatic Calcium Reactor - Aquarium Engineering

Meet Aquarium Engineering's newest calcium reactor, the A.C.R. (Automated Calcium Reactor). This innovative system will let you say goodbye to constantly adjusting CO2 flow rates and cleaning pH probes to keep your reactor running to standard. With the A.C.R. you can forget about adjusting effluent flow to keep your system alkalinity stable.

Aquarium Engineering's state of the art A.C.R. solves the problems that have plagued calcium reactors forever. 

How does it work?
A simple digital controller is used to adjust the effluent flow through the reactor and thus raise or lower the alkalinity. The CO2 is controlled for you WORRY-FREE, so that you can spend your time how YOU want. The A.C.R. features an economical CO2 recirculation system, so it uses 50% less CO2 than other reactors on the market.

The A.C.R. is crafted from strong PVC and CNC precision machined for lasting endurance. It is further backed by the only lifetime warranty in the industry.

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