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Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit

The Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit is great for anyone who wants to add more filtration to their RODI system. If you simply want to add another carbon block, sediment filter, or DI resin, you can increase your filtration capacity very quickly. Depending on the specific issue you wish to solve, it can be very beneficial to run multiple of the same type of filter with different micron sizes.

Accepts most 2.5" x 10" RO Filters

Filter recommendations:

  • Chloramines Removal - BRS Universal Carbon Block 1 Micron (we suggest two Universal filters for Chloramines removal)
  • Excessive Sediment Removal - 5 Micron Premium ROsave.Z then 1 Micron Premium ROsave.Z
  • Excessive TDS (post membrane) - Color Changing DI Resin (requires 2.5"x10" clear refillable cartridge)


  • Add-On Canister with Fittings
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 5' 1/4" Mur-Lok 1/4" RO Tubing

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