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Algae Cleaning Multi-Tool - Tom's Aquatics 34''

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TOM Algae Scraper is a versatile maintenance tool for your Aquarium and comes with three interchangeable attachments. Made with strong and sturdy materials, this algae scraper has an ergonomic grip for comfort and durability. This Multi-Tool pack comes with a stainless steel algae scraper attachment, a plastic scraper attachment for tough algae removal and a shovel attachment for scooping up fallen objects. 

Note: The pads that come with the Multi-Tool pack are intended for Glass surfaces only. (Plastic blades for Acrylic surfaces are available as replacement pads.)

  • Durable construction: the handle is made of corrosion resistant fiberglass.
  • Comes with three different attachments, providing the best tool for performing maintenance on various types of Aquariums.
  • Blades are interchangeable and replaceable.
  • Safe for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  • Keeps your hands dry with long-reaching handles. 
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