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ADA - Aqua Design Amano

Amazonia Soil, Normal Type - ADA


Amazonia is the gold standard of freshwater substrates, recommended and used by the team at Aqua Lab. Rich in organic acids and nutrients, it will promote the growth of aquatic plants for the lifetime of the aquarium.


• Designed to provide a suitable environment for even the most difficult plants.

• Helps maintain a steady pH level ideal for most aquatic plants and tropical freshwater fish.

• Gives clarity to the water.

• Contains nutrients that encourage fast development of healthy root systems (be careful - a large amount of Amazonia can cause ammonia spikes).

• Helps to reduce the hardness of the water, making it easier for plants and fish to thrive.

Amazonia soil is rich with nutrients, which can cause a spike in ammonia when first introduced into an aquarium. If you are setting up a new tank, this is useful for starting the nitrogen cycle to develop a strong biofilter. If your tank is already established, proceed with caution. Either way, be prepared to dilute with several water changes after adding Amazonia and TEST FREQUENTLY!

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