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IM - Innovative Marine

ChaetoMax 2 in 1 Refugium LED - Innovative Marine

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ChaetoMax 2-n-1 Refugium LED Light

Designed for maximum macro algae growth, the ChaetoMax™ Refugium LED has taken the proven technology behind indoor horticulture and crafted the optimal spectral recipe specifically designed for macro algae photosynthesis.

Hidden in the ChaetoMax's slim design are 90 High Efficient, uniformed LEDs. Each LED emitting a specific spectrum level; 420 BLUE, 470 VIOLET, 630 MAGENTA and 660 RED. By eliminating the "Green and Yellow" wavelength from your refugium lighting the ChaetoMax™ targets different parts of a plants cellular growth structure; which means faster growth, higher quality plants and no wasted energy.

  • Designed for sumps and all-in-one aquariums
  • Hook and Loop all-in-one Configuration
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically hidden behind your all-in-one
  • Bracket Modular Mounted Sump Configuration
  • Small form factor (DIMS: 6.7” x 1.85” x 0.39”)
  • Low Voltage
  • No Heat Transfer

9W LED specs:

  • 45 x 0.2W 60mA LEDs
  • 5 - 420nm BLUE
  • 10- 470nm VIOLET
  • 10- 630nm MAGENTA
  • 20 - 660nm RED

18W LED specs (Fits All MidSize NUVO Aquariums):

  • 90 x 0.2W 60mA LEDs
  • 10 - 420nm BLUE
  • 20- 470nm VIOLET
  • 20- 630nm MAGENTA
  • 40 - 660nm RED

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