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CO2 Bubble Counter and Check Valve - AquaTek

The AquaTek Co2 Bubble Counter is a great add-on to any Co2 injection system. It provides a secondary reference point for measuring injection rate. Increasing and decreasing the pressure on your injection system will result in a fluctuation of bubble rate; usually counted in Bubbles Per Second (BPS). Being able to regulate Co2 levels through bubble rate rather than minute adjusments on hard-to-read dials is incredibly useful to both novice and expert aquarists. For example, one of the major problems aquarists face is stabilizing Co2 levels after:

  • Adding new plants.
  • Doing a major trimming/removal.
  • Adding/removing invertebrates and fish.

The AquaTek Co2 Bubble Counter makes it extremely easy to adjust your injection rate resulting in minimal disturbance and damage to water chemistry and livestock. Make it easier and safer to maintain your aquarium by purchasing one today!



  • Integregated Check Valve 
  • Air Tube Clip for secure connection
  • Fill Level Marker 

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