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UNS - Ultum Nature Systems

CO2 Splitter - UNS


CO2 tanks and regulators aren't cheap and purchasing the parts required for multiple planted tanks can add up! Instead of getting multiple CO2 tanks and CO2 regulators, just use a splitter! A splitter for CO2 allows you to feed CO2 injection into multiple planted tanks through the use of one CO2 cylinder tank and regulator. Simply attach this unit to your CO2 regulator and you're good to go! For best results, we recommend using this item with a bubble counter. (sold separately) 

Three main things are crucial for aquatic plant growth. CO2 is one of them! If any of the factors are unbalanced, unsightly algae has the chance to grow and overtake a planted aquarium. Using CO2 in a planted tank gives aquarium plants the boost they need to thrive and grow efficiently. With added strength, they are also able to out-compete algae for sources of nutrients in the aquarium. The use of CO2 in a planted tank leads to full and bushy growth that all aquarium hobbyists are striving for.

  • This CO2 splitter is constructed from stainless steel for rust-free durability
  • Individual needle valves for precise bubble metering
  • Extremely easy installation, no special tools required (a wrench will help with tightening)
  • This item is not compatible for use with SMC CO2 regulator products

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