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Coral Marine Sea Salt - Aqua Craft

Coral Marine is a high purity synthetic sea water formula that contains all elements found in natural sea water. Coral Marine is created in a near weightless anti gravity state in a dry fluidized zone amalgamator. This ultra state-of-the-art homogenous fluxing technique ensures that all elements are harmonized in a dry mixed crystal (solid solution) form without heat. All ingredients are equally disbursed throughout the package. 

Mix Coral Marine with a clean fresh water to obtain a specific gravity of 1.020 - 1.026 at 23°C - 26°C or 74°F - 78°F, depending on the animals you are keeping.

1/4 liter or 1 cup (273 grams) will make about 8 liters or 2 US gallons of sea water. If specific gravity is too low, add more Coral Marine. If specific gravity is too high, add more clean fresh water. Do not mix salts in a tank containing live animals. 

Depending on the number, types, and sizes of animals on display, change 10% - 15% of your aquarium water each week or 25% each month. 

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