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Cryptocoryne undulatus

Specimen Type

Crypt Undulata is a commonly available type of Cryptocoryne that has been in the aquatic plant trade for years.  This plant originates from the streams and rivers of Sri Lanka, where it can be found growing emersed or submerged depending on the season and location.  The leaves can range from a bright green to a bronze-red color depending on growing conditions and lighting.  Like other Crypts, this plant can survive a multitude of aquarium conditions but will thrive when kept in a nutrient-rich substrate along with good lighting and the addition of Co2

Will grow 20 cm tall in 30 days!

Type Rosulate
Origin Asia
Growth Rate Medium
Height (cm) 15 - 30+
Light Demand Low
CO2 Low

Tissue culture plants are grown in-vitro (literally: in the glass) in a nutrient-rich synthetic growing medium, either liquid or gel, without the presence of any other lifeforms. This guarantees a pest and disease-free specimen, while also providing accuracy throughout the trade.

Tissue culture plants should be removed from the cup as soon as possible. All plants grow on some sort of synthetic growing medium, ranging anywhere from liquid to jelly to firm gel. This should be removed and rinsed off. Gently massage the roots between your fingers until the gel dissolves away. Most plants can be broken up into smaller pieces and spread out in your aquarium. Smaller pieces are easier to plant.

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Please note: We source our plants from several different growers and restock on a rotating basis. We aim to keep each species in stock from at least one supplier but not necessarily more. By default, we will send the freshest plant regardless of which grower you select. If you are particular about which grower supplies your plant, please make this clear in your order notes. There may be a wait for you to receive a plant from a specific grower, depending on when we are able to order from them and their availability.

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