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Crystal Clear Pond Filter Medium - Sera

Almost every aquarist or pond keeper knows the problem: cloudy water is not only unsightly, but can also influence the water parameters. It is therefore essential to reestablish the original state as quickly as possible. Sera therefore added a new high performance filter medium to the range, which effectively combats cloudiness: Sera crystal clear Professional. Due to the innovative, patented 3D fiber structure, the filter balls remove particles above 10 µm (such as floating algae or sludge) very quickly.

Sera Crystal Clear Professional is suitable for all filter types in both freshwater and marine aquariums as well as in ponds. Unlike common filter wool, the new filter balls keep their shape and thus can be washed out several times. After washing out, it immediately is 80% reusable, and therefore protects the environment and saves money. When combined with sera siporax Professional, the biological filter medium by sera, it maximizes the performance of every common filter.

Sera Crystal Clear Professional removes even strong pollution within 24 hours.

Dieter Untergasser, renowned book author and longtime scientific collaborator of the company, tested the efficiency of sera crystal clear Professional under extreme conditions. You can watch the full length test here:


The new high performance filter medium was also put to the test during a product test. The result speaks for itself: 91% of the respondents are convinced by sera crystal clear Professional and would recommend it.

350 g (12.3 oz.) for 6,000 liters (1,585 US gal.) of water

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