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ALA - Aqua Lab Aquaria

Digital Thermometer & Salinity Meter - ALA

Test your aquariums water temperature and salinity within seconds!Utilizing electronic conductivity, the Digital Thermometer & Salinity Meter can instantly display your aquariums specific gravity or salinity of natural or artificial seawater. With the built-in temperature sensing probe, you can also know the temperature of the water. Integrating salinity and temperature into a single testing device, lets it use automatic temperature compensation features, giving you the true salinity of your water at any temperature.

  • Large LCD Display
  • Rugged and Water Resistant
  • Measures Salinity & Temperature
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
High Resolution Salinity Measurement Automatic Temperature Compensation Water Temperature Reading Large Backlit LCD Display Range:  SG: 1.000 ~ 1.041 PPT Range: 0-50 PSU: 0-60 Temperature: 32-176°F Resolution:   SG: 0.0001 PPT: 1 PSU: 1 Temperature: 0.1°F Accuracy: SG: ±0.001 PPT: ±2 PSU: ±2 Temperature: ±1.5°F
  • 1.Large Color LCD Display Screen
  • 2.High Resolution Measurement Reading
  • 3.Precision Measurement Value
  • 4.Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • 5.Water Temperature and TDS Reading
  • 6.Manually Calibration Setting & Include Calibration Solution  
  • 7.Vibration Alarm for Test Start and Completion
  • 8.Low Battery Reminding Function
  • 9.Life Water Resistance

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