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UP Aqua

Disposable CO2 System - UP Aqua


Up Aqua’s 7-piece CO2 starter kit is all you need to get going in the wonderful world of planted aquariums. This fantastic kit contains a micro regulator, CO2 disposable cartridge, cartridge stand, bubble counter, check valve, CO2 atomizer, and a suction cup for mounting the atomizer into the aquarium. No more oversized scuba diving equipment needed for maintaining the proper CO2 in your setup, which can get costly. This CO2 system is all you need and easily hides out of sight due to its compact size.


System Includes:

  • Disposable CO2 Cartridge 95g (Over 40 liters of CO2!)
  • Regulator (Durable, leak-proof, high-pressure design, easily adjustable, stable and accurate CO2 output.)
  • Holder for the disposable cartridge
  • CO2 Bubble Counter
  • Check Valve
  • CO2 Diffuser (Micro-pore ceramic for effective diffusion, durable, easily cleaned and compact. *For best results, soak in water 24 hours before first use.)
  • Suction cup for CO2 Diffuser
  • Three of High tensile strength Polyurethane CO2/airline tubing

Usage Instructions:

Please follow this detailed guide. (click "guide" to be redirected to the pdf guide page.)

*Refill with UP Aqua's 95g CO2 Cartridge. (click "CO2" to redirected to the cartridge page.)

Important Info:
Use Teflon tape on any fitting that does not seal with a gasket or O-ring. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

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