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IM - Innovative Marine

DIY Mesh Screen Top Kit - Innovative Marine


Provide protection for your livestock and encase any aquarium with this complete DIY mesh screen lid kit.

Glass lids trap in heat, do not allow proper evaporation and build up salt creep that can hurt light penetration. Stylish mesh screen tops are the answers to these woes by being lightweight, allowing zero heat buildup and having very little impact on light penetration.

Each kit includes: a cut to size frame, trimmable mesh screen, spline and break-away corners for cord management.

  • Keeps livestock from leaving your tank
  • Powder-coated for extra protection
  • Extra thick lightweight aluminum
  • Can be used for framed and rimless aquariums
  • Can be used with innovative Marine Lid Clips for rimless tanks (sold separately)
  • Available in three sizes: 24” x 24”, 36” x 24” and 48” x 24”


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