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Fish Aid Antibiotics

Fish Fenbendazole - Fish Aid Antibiotics


Fish Aid Fenbendazole is designed to be a supportive agent in the removing of worms and other parasites from fresh and saltwater aquariums as well as from within the fish themselves. Effective against common organisms such as Planaria, Aiptasia anemones, Camallanus and more, it is one of the most effective and fastest agents against aquatic parasites as well as many other dangerous rogue organisms.

Administer 1 packet (250mg) with approximately 4 ounces of food and let soak for 30 minutes. It is suggested that the use of the tank water would be best to wet the food, allowing the absorption of the Fish Aid Fenbendazole. Use for a 3-day duration along with water changes and filtration between treatments. Do not use in tanks with desired starfish, snails, anemones, Cnidarians, mushrooms, or corals as it will have a negative effect and possibly cause death.

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