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FLEXI Mini LED - Azoo


The world's most advanced full-spectrum white LED light.

It is classic, because everything is equal to perfect

Flexi mini, combing the exclusive developing technology of special full spectrum white LED for high color rendering aquatic plant (FLEXI-mini HCRI LED SP) and the exquisite design of one-piece lamp made of aluminum (CNC) used in aerospace, can drastically improve the production of chlorophyll and anthocyanin.  And at the same time, it highlights the colorful aquarium creatures.  Its excellent efficiency saves 80% of power comparing with traditional lights.  And its PAR can compete with large fluorescent tubes.  There is never a special lED for small aquarium having such significant change and making your aquarium so classical.

Craftsmanship and refinement of all elements 

Advanced process and excellent design.  FLEXI mini will redefine aquarium lighting fixtures

FLEXI mini is one of the industry-leading technology products, that uses a piece of aerospace aluminum alloy, used advanced CNC manufacturing processes, cutting out into on elegant piece, making every detail inside and outside have extraordinarily superior unity, dramatically reducing the required components.  Simple enough that you don't even know it exists.

AZOO's FLEXI mini LED is crafted from one single piece of aluminum alloy, setting a new standard when it comes to functionality and elegance. The aluminum alloy allows efficient heat dissipation without the use of an external fan. Triple the brightness and color saturation of similar sized lamps, this light will amplify the visual appeal of your aquarium. Full spectrum HCRI LED’s illuminate plants and livestock naturally, showing all the colors intended by nature. With a PAR value of 153 at 6, this light is perfect for the ultimate nano planted aquarium. The LEDs in this fixture have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours.

AZOO's FLEXI mini LED was awarded the iF Product Design Award in Germany in 2015, earning international recognition for excellent performance, exquisite design and manufacturing process, innovation and environmental protection.



  • Crafted from one piece of aluminum alloy
  • Triple the brightness and color saturation of similar sized lamps
  • Full-spectrum HCRI LEDs showcase all colors of plants and livestock
  • Life expectancy of around 50,000 hours
  • Fits rimless aquariums up to 3/8 thickness (1cm)
  • PAR value: 153 @ 6″
  • LED count: 18 x .4 watts
  • Power consumption: 8 watts

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