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Freeze Dried Blood Worms - San Francisco Bay Brand

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Bloodworms, or Red Mosquito Larvae, are suitable food for you discus, eels, betas, loaches, and all other freshwater fish. This makes SF Bay Brand's Freeze Dried Bloodworms a great choice for freshwater community aquariums.

Presoak before using. Feed twice daily, but only what your fish will consume in 3 minutes. Remove any uneaten food.

Please Note: This package contains bloodworms, a natural product to which some people may have allergic reactions.

Crude Protein Min. 55.2%
Crude Fat Min. 4.0%
Crude Fiber Max. 0.9%
Moisture Max. 8.1%
Ash Max. 20.7%
Phosphorus Min. 1.2%

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