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San Francisco Bay Brand

Frozen Fish Food Coral Cuisine - San Francisco Bay Brand


ExcellentFor Saltwater Invertebrates, Corals & Fish in Reef Tanks!

Coral Cuisine™ is a mixture of phytoplankton, zooplankton and macroalgae that stimulates corals natural feeding behavior. The balance between algae matter and organic food matter, and vitamins and minerals helps promote healthy coral growth. Flash frozen with liquid CO2 for superior product quality.

Product Features

  • All natural
  • Specially formulated for healthy coral feeding and growth
  • Provides minerals essential for coral skeleton growth
  • Prepared with RO/DI water
  • Vitamins and minerals are presented in chelated form
  • A unique binder helps ensure a proper dispersion time

Reef Inhabitants: LPS Corals, SPS Corals, Soft Corals, Gorgonians, Polyps, Mushrooms, Sea Fans, Clams, Small Fish, Invertebrates and others.

Feed often, but only what can be consumed in three minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Never overfeed. No thawing or rinsing required. Keep frozen.

Microwaving or thawing in hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.

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