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Glass Hang-On Thermometer, Fahrenheit - Hydra Aquatics


Hydra Aquatics Glass Hang-on Thermometer is designed to hang on to the walls of rimless glass tanks. 

  • These elegantly crafted glass thermometers are reliable and easy-to-read.
  • Measure temperatures ranging from 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hydra Aquatics thermometers hang securely and can be easily moved or placed discreetly in a corner
  • The minimal design allows aquarists to place the thermometer inside their aquariums without obstructing the view. 
  • These thermometers are ideal for hobbyists who want the most natural look possible. 
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater systems. 
  • 15cm length
  • Maximum glass thickness: either 5mm or 8mm.

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