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It is a “teardrop” shaped glass pod for keeping terrarium plants with a sophisticated design. Appropriate humidity can be maintained by having holes on the lid and side of the container body, and plants that prefer humid environments can be cultivated. The uniquely designed concaved-shaped lid with a tiny hole can be filled with water like a reservoir enabling water drops to start dripping slowly.

Watch the water droplets fall one at a time into the glass container from a tiny hole at the center of the glass lid, and make your regular watering easy and fun. Inside the container, you can grow a piece of Wabi-Kusa or epiphytic orchids attached to driftwood, create a miniature paludarium using DOOA Jungle Soil, or try many other ways to enjoy gardening.

Unit size
Maximum diameter Ø170×H200mm
Lid size
Maximum diameter Ø103×H20mm

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