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Pacific Sun

Kore 5th Intelligent 5-Channel Dosing Pump, 2nd Gen - Pacific Sun


Kore 5th is the new Doser from Pacific Sun. It is a completely wireless, 5 channel doser with optional integrated ATO (auto top off) and temp sensor. The control software allows users to not only connect to the doser wirelessly via bluetooth, but also sets precise dosing schedules for any number of supplements or elements. Kore 5th gives users the ultimate control of dosing almost anything your reef may need!


  • Five-channel dosing pump with quiet and efficient dosing pumps
  • Wirelessly controllable via PC, Mac, or Android device.
  • Completely adjustable for dosing control up to 0.1mL.  
  • Dosing station alerts user when dosing fluid or tubing needs replacing.
  • Includes built-in ATO with DC pump
  • Magnetic Stirrer not included.
  • Pro includes:  Long life tubings(5pcs), optical water sensor. 

Kore 5th Pro package includes:

  • – 5 channel dosing station
  • – optical water sensor
  • – digital temperature sensor
  • – DC pump(adjustable speed) for ATO refill
  • – acrylic tubing holder
  • – fast flow silicone tubings
  • – 10m connection silicone tube
  • – 2ml and 50ml cylinders for precise/fast calibration
  • – 1ml and 5ml syringes
  • – Pharmed BPT long life tubings(5pcs)
  • – optical water sensor


Kore 5th main unit only set include:

  • – 5 channel dosing station
  • – acrylic tubing holder

Doser size 400mmx120mx50mm

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