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Pacific Sun

Kore 7th Intelligent 7-Channel Dosing Pump - Pacific Sun


Kore 7th is the newest and most advanced doser from Pacific Sun. It is a completely wireless, 7 channel doser with optional integrated ATO (auto top off), automatic water change and temp sensor, 2xpH electrode ports and KH lab. Our control software allows users to not only connect to the doser wirelessly WI-FI, but also to set precise dosing schedules for any number of supplements or elements. Kore 7th gives users the ultimate control of dosing almost anything your reef may need!
Additional equipment such as DC AWC pumps (pumps set for automatic water change), dedicated Magnetic Stirrer or KH lab make this station the ultimate solution for all advanced aquarium reefers!


Now, ULTIMATE PACK include ALL additional modules/sensors for the ULTIMATE Pacific Sun experience!

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