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Measurement Cell - GHL USA

In this measurement cell, up to 4 sensors can be integrated waterproof into a measurement water circulation via a simple screwing.  Though the construction of the measurement cell provides flow with a self-cleaning effect for the different sensors.  This leads to a higher lifetime of the sensors together with a lower maintenance effort.

The measurement cell has to be looped into the return line (after the filter).  In case of a loss of pressure or flow speed, the use of a bypass has to be considered.  The measurement cell has to be positioned in a way that no pressure can build up inside the measurement cell, this could lead to a destruction of the sensors.

For the mounting of the sensor, the corresponding nut has to be loosed a bit.  The sensor is then inserted, afterwards the nut has to be tightened again.  Sensor holes that are not used can be closed with the enclosed rods.  Please check the measurement cell for leakages after the installation.

Measurement cell for 4 sensor, non-pressurized operation

  • Diameter: 110 mm
  • In- and outlet: PVC connectors, 20 mm
  • Sensor diameter: 12 mm
  • Cap O- ring sealed

For this article, we issue a limited warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects.  The non-observance of this instruction or the improper use leads to a loss of a warranty!

The manufacturer doesn't assume any liability for (consequential) damages which arise through the use of the device.

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