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Metronidazole Fish Antibiotic - Dr. G's

Metronidazole is a very effective antibiotic used for the treatment of anaerobic bacteria & protozoan parasite infections, especially forCryptocaryon, Hexamita (hole in the head disease) Salt water Ich, Chilodonella, Plistophora, & bloat. Also effective inInternal parasites such as Nematodes or Trematodes.

Safe as it will not affect your Biological Filter.

Usage & Storage:
Use 100 mgs (one mini spoon/included) for each 10 Gallons of water. To add to Fish Food, mix 100 mgs (one mini spoon/included) with 1 tablespoon of thawed frozen food. Use daily and for 8 days. Remove Chemical Filter & Activated Carbon while treatment is ongoing. Store at room temperature.

Ingredients: 5 Grams of Metronidazole Powder 100%, No Additives, No Preservatives, No extra chemicals.

Warning: Not for Human Consumption. For Ornamental Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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