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Mistair Air Stones - Kordon

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KORDON MIST AIR AQUARIUM AIRSTONES are the highest quality aerators available for aquarium and pond keeping. They are for both general and specialized use by the discriminating aquarist who wants premium quality, performance that excels all others, and lifetime service.

Using a matrix of nearly perfect glass spheres which are resin-bonded together in a patented process to provide years of excellent service, these airstones offer new standards of performance and durability over traditional wood, fused-sand and porous-plastic airstones. While traditional airstones disintegrate or become unserviceable within a short time, MIST AIR AIRSTONES withstand deterioration and disintegration even after prolonged use. The MIST AIR glass bead construction is extremely durable. Usually the only part that will need replacing is the airstem. Any length of stiff plastic tubing 3/16" diameter can be used as a replacement.
  •  Made of minute uniform-sized fused glass spheres.
  •  Extremely durable, long-lasting inert, nontoxic.
  •  High performance equal-sized air bubbles.
  •  Trouble free service in aeration.
  •  Easily cleaned, clog resistant
  •  Made in U.S.A.


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