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Nano CO2 Bubble Counter - Ultum Nature Systems

Three main elements are essential for the optimal growth of aquatic plants. These are nutrients, light and carbon dioxide (CO2). If unbalanced, the results are algae growth or the withering of plants. The introduction and use of CO2 in a planted aquarium allows plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while also giving them the ability to out-compete algae for nutrients in the aquarium.

The CO2 Bubble Counter Nano by Ultum Nature Systems is an accessory designed to measure the CO2 output within a planted aquarium tank by bubbles per second.

This particular glass bubble counter sports a smaller design that is made for smaller nano aquariums. The Ultum Nature System CO2 Bubble Counter Nano has a glass design that can be easily attached with a suction cup while seamlessly blending into the overall planted aquarium tank setup without obstruction to the eye.

Notes: Fill up about 3/4 with water before use. Install a check valve below the bubble counter to prevent water from flowing back into CO2 regulator.

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