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Nano Surface Skimmer 250 - Azoo

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The AZOO Skim 250 is a small water surface skimmer, suitable for nano planted and reef aquariums. The AZOO Skim 250 effectively removes surface film to increase air exchange, and the submersible outlet design can also reduce CO2 loss in the water.


1. Special air buoy designed to automatically adjust the height of the water level, providing long-term maintenance of the film suction effect.

2. Security inlet flap design prevents small fish and shrimp inhalation.

3. Volume of outlet water can be adjusted according to the aize of the aquarium.

4. The transparent shell design makes it easy to tell when filter sponges need cleaning or replacement.

5. Easy to install, easy to maintain.

6. Suitable as the main filter for a small planted tank or the secondary filter for a small reef tank.

  • For tanks up to 66 gallons (250 L)
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 110V, 50-60 Hz


1. Use suction cups to mount 2-3cm under water level

2. The power cord should be fixed to the tank using the provided suction cups, at least 1cm from the surface skimmer intake.




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