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Pico HOB Filter - Shiruba

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The Pico Hang-On-Back filter by Shiruba is suitable for smaller aquarium tanks (less than 3 gallons). Featuring a thinner black-opaque form, the filter will blend in effortlessly with your aquarium surroundings. Installation and maintenance is made easy as the filter unobtrusively hangs off the back of your aquarium.  

Model Max Aquarium Volume Flow Rate Filter Width Filter Height (overall) Filter Height (above rim) Intake Pipe Length (adjustbale)
PF-60 2 gallons 15 gal/hour 3.25" 4.25" 1.5" 4.5" to 6.25"
PF-120 3 gallons 30 gal/hour  4"  4.5"  1.5" 4.5" to 6.25"

PF-120 includes 1 carbon cartridge

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