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Polymer Adhesive Cement - ALA

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This polymer cement is a cleaner alternative to epoxy. Mix it with warm water and it turns into an adhesive putty. It can be used to glue corals, rocks, or other ornamentation in your fresh or saltwater aquarium. The granules that make up this cement are of a special composition that lets you mix and work with it, forming and molding it into the particular shape and position you desire around your corals and rocks. This alternative to epoxy does not leave your hands with any residue nor does it smell, which is usually the case with epoxy or superglue.


Pour a small amount of warm water into a portion of the Polymer Adhesive Cement and let the mixture sit for a few seconds while it heats up. The adhesive cement will then turn into a putty-like consistency as it heats up. Scoop out the desired amount and use it to bond corals to rocks, frag, or plugs. Holding the items being glued in the tank water for a few seconds will allow the adhesive to cool down and solidify. 

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