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Power Sand Advance - ADA

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ADA Power Sand Advance is a type of pumice substrate composed of coarse lava rock pebbles. It is similar to ADA Power Sand but with added organic nutrients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. It is ideal as a foundation layer for planted tanks to better oxygenate the soil above and prevent excess compaction. This helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil more effectively.


  • Very rich in nutrients
  • Contains Bacter 100 and Clear Super for the optimal start of your aquascape
  • Sufficient supply of oxygen is vital for aerobic bacteria. Insufficient oxygen prompts the activity of anaerobic bacteria which produce toxic substances such as nitrous acid
  • Organic matter in Power Sand or other bottom fertilizers such as Multi Bottom or Iron Bottom, can be absorbed by aquatic plants, only when they are broken down to inorganic matter by bacteria
  • Silt gathers around plant roots and provides a good medium for bacterial colonization. Proper functions of bacteria, through their nitrifying processes, change ammonia to nitrogen compounds which are then consumed by aquatic plants through their roots
  • Works effectively to stimulate the establishment of association between bacteria and aquatic plants
  • Nutrients contained in Power Sand are slowly dissolved and absorbed by plant roots

Select grain size based on depth of aquarium water:

 Grain Size Bag Volume Aquarium Depth
S 2 L less than 40cm (16")
M 6 L between 40cm - 60cm (16" - 24")
L 6 L more than 60cm (24")

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