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Powerhead Wavemaker Pump - Azoo


One of the most economical powerheads on the market, AZOO's Powerhead has a durable impeller that produces top notch circulation. Includes a detachable air pipe to increase oxygen solubility, plus suction cup mounts that make them adaptable to many applications, including filters and fountains. For planted or reef aquariums.

  • High performance submersible pump
  • High density motor coil
  • Can be used for fresh or saltwater
  • Durable impeller to generate strong currents
  • Use to pump water, provide oxygen or function as a filter and fountain
  • Adjustable flow control
Model 60 (16 GPH) 180 (47 GPH)
  110-120/60 V 110-120/60 V
  2.5W 2.5W
Min. Flow 11 GPH 130 L/hour 34 GPH
Max. Flow 16 GPH 180 L/hour 47 GPH
Max. Height 17.7 inches 17.7 inches

1 Pull out the plug.
2 Clean the inner parts of pump with a brush.
3 Do not clean with bleaches.
4 After cleaning the impeller, place it back with care.

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