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PowerLED Tank-Mounted Aquarium Light - Eheim

powerLED is attractive and practical. You simply clamp the lamp onto the edge of the glass. Depending on the size of aquarium, you can use one or more lamps. Even if you only want to light up a specific area of a larger tank where the plants are growing, powerLED is ideal – it conjures up an exciting light effect in the underwater world. 

The LED-light covers almost the whole light spectrum. It is precisely constructed to match the important photosynthesis conditions required by plants and is far superior to commercially available light tubes. Furthermore with the Power-LED you save up to 80% of energy.

  • High quality LED lamp for open top aquariums
  • Optimum illumination of the tank right to the bottom (ca. 3,100 lux) 
  • Rule of thumb: 1 lamp for each 30 x 30 cm surface area 
  • Light color ca. 6,500 Kelvin 
  • Optimum light spectrum in the range for photosynthesis between 400 and 500 nm
  • Full spectrum
  • High energy efficiency, only 7 watt (energy saving up to 80%)
  • Long service life approximately 20,000 hours - 5 years with average usage
  • Innovative design with power supplied to light fixture through the light track, eliminating a visible cord
  • With practical clamp for adjustable attachment 
  • Reaches 9 inches from the back of the aquarium and approximately 6 inches above the rim of the aquarium
  • Includes one light fixture and up to two more can be added
  • Up to 20 mm clampable width, also suitable for open aquariums with top frame 
  • Power supply 12 V operating voltage
  • Diameter of light fixture is 3.5 inches

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