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PowerModule LED & T5 Hybrid Lighting, 24'' - ATI



  • Combines the control and energy efficiency of LED lighting with the superior coral color and light balance of T5 lighting.
  • Active cooling system allows lights to run at a more optimal temperature for improved output and bulb-life.
  • Built-In Controller
  • Individual Parabolic Reflectors made from Silver-coated 98% Reflective Aluminum
  • Heavy-duty body is durable and rust-proof.
  • All components, except for the LED power supply, are enclosed inside the fixture housing.
  • Sleek, Adjustable Hanging Kit
  • Each 75W LED cluster features four independently-programmable LED color channels, each capable of 0-100% dimming. LED color channels include:

    • Full Spectrum White
    • Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • Red
  • Sweep effect not available on 24W units
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

The 24-inch model comes with 1 LED strip and a variation of a four or an eight T5 bulb arrangement.




24" 1x75W LED & 4x24W T5 LED-Powermodule*


24" 1x75W LED & 8x24W T5 LED-Powermodule*


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