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Reef Octopus

Prime 200-INT Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

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  • Turbulence Reducing Super Cone Body
  • Solid Cast Acrylic & Machined PVC Construction
  • Bubble Dispersal Plate
  • Vented Output Valve with Adjustment Dial
  • Custom Ultra-efficient Aquatrance 3000s Pump with Cradle
  • “Twist & Lift” Collection Cup
  • Efficient & Quiet Operation
  • Disassembles for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance


  • Body Size: 8.27 to 5.12in Super Cone Body
  • Footprint: 15in x 11.3in
  • Neck Size: 4.75in
  • Total Height: 23.3in
  • Output Size: 50mm / 1.5in

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