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Pro Aquatics Methylene Blue - Fritz Aquatics


Methylene Blue effectively prevents and protects against superficial fungal infections of fishes, and also protects newly laid fish eggs from fungal or bacterial infections. As a secondary use, it is also effective against some external protozoans, including Ichthyophthirius (Ich).

  • Effective Fungus Control
  • Aids in General Disease Control
  • Useful as a Bath for Ammonia Poisoning
  • Useful for Shipping of Fish as it Prevents Disease Spread and is a Hemoglobin Transfer Agent Allowing More Oxygen in Crowded Environments
  • For Use in Freshwater and Marine Aquariums
  • For Professional Use
  • GENERAL USE: Add 1 cap (1 tsp/5 ml) per 10 U.S. Gallons (38 L)
  • FOR DIPS & BATHS: Prepare a separate tank. Add 5 caps (5 tsp/25 ml) per 3 Gallons (this results in 50 ppm methylene blue). Dip fishes for no more than 10 seconds To aid in general disease prevention, detoxification of fishes suffering from nitrite or cyanide poisoning and for use as a prophylaxis against fungus infections of fish spawns (eggs), add 10 drops per gallon (3.78 liters) or 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons (37.8 liters) of water (this will result in 3 ppm Methylene Blue). Discontinue carbon filtration but keep all other filtration running during treatment. Replace carbon after treatment.

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