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ProfiLux 4 Aquarium Controller Mega Set 6E - GHL USA


ProfiLux 4 Controller Set - Accuracy and reliability!

This Mega-Set with the ProfiLux4 Controller is adapted for marine and freshwater aquariums and offers all the components for the perfect start.
It is ideal for measuring and controlling temperature, redox, conductivity and pH-value and for creating true-to-life illumination effects.
ProfiLux 4 can be upgraded with expansion cards. The bus-system (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) additionally offers great options for further extensions.

The ProfiLux line of controllers is globally recognized for its outstanding accuracy and reliability. From hobbyists to research institutions, they all trust in the ProfiLux to provide them with highly accurate data and performance.

  • ProfiLux 4 controller (black or white)
  • ProfiLux 4 power supply
  • Digital water temperature sensor
  • pH-electrode with calibration fluids pH 7 und pH 9
  • Redox-Sensor with calibration fluid 220 mV
  • Conductivity electrode with calibration fluid 50 mS
  • Powerbar 6E with PAB-cable 2m
  • ProfiLux Touch with PAB cable 2m
  • USB cable

For additional details about the Profilux 4 controller click here

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